Mic Check…The Return of Rooted and Overflowing

I’m thrilled to share that Rooted and Overflowing is back in podcast land. (Cue the confetti!) I’ve uploaded a quick bonus episode with an update and news about what’s next. If you haven’t already, I hope you opted in to receive a FREE mini-poster filled with scriptures of Peace, Strength, and Hope in Uncertain Times. By signing up, you’ll also be subscribed to my first newsletter. (More confetti!) It will be available to new subscribers all month and you can look for it in your inbox on the first Saturday of every month. The October edition features a list of upcoming podcast episodes as well as the opening of the Rooted and Overflowing Collection by R&O Style Co.

In the bonus episode of Rooted and Overflowing I mention the book, “Laughing Through Adversity” by Dawn L. Johnson. Your library needs this book. It will bless your life. The link to purchase is above, in the header. I am not receiving compensation for promoting “Laughing Through Adversity.” It is written by a friend and even if it wasn’t, the message truly stands on its own and is one that I believe in. I am happy to spread the word about it.

The Rooted and Overflowing bonus episode is available wherever you listen to podcasts. If you want to see the list, click here. I’ll warn you, the list is not fancy (yet…smile ) but the links take us where we need to go.

I am so excited for what is ahead. Even though we continue to face days that get more difficult and even bizarre by the hour, God continues to rule and reign mightily from heaven. He remains in control and is keeping His promise to keep us safely in His care. We can trust Him.

Share your comments with me. I would love to hear from you. Thank you and God bless you.

Self Care in a Pandemic

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Today’s episode of rooted and overflowing features a conversation with mental health professional Carmella Hill, also known as The Mental Healthologist. Topics of the discussion include practical tips and resources to help us maintain our wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to listen, or visit Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, or Stitcher.

Introducing: rooted and overflowing

Well, I’ve dusted off the microphone, fired up my editing workstation, and now I am absolutely excited to share that the rooted and overflowing podcast is coming May 12th. rooted and overflowing is the second podcast I’ve hosted. The first was Letitia’s Loft and I retired it pod-faded after just three episodes. There will certainly be more than three episodes this time around and, as a matter of fact, the trailer is out right now. Below is the list of cool places where you can listen to the trailer, subscribe, and share the show:

Apple Podcasts- Coming Soon.

Google Play listeners click HERE.

Google Podcasts listeners click HERE.

Podbean listeners click HERE.

Spotify listeners click HERE.

Just added: Stitcher listeners click HERE.

rooted and overflowing is based on Colossians 2:6-7 which reads “Therefore, as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, overflowing with gratitude.” Upcoming episodes will feature guest conversations, personal reflections, and Bible-based messages designed to inspire hope and resilience. We’re still working out a few kinks, so if your listening experience is not smooth, kindly let us know in the blog comments below this post. Happy listening!